Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Boronia Medical Centre offers anti-wrinkle treatment. We strive to help patients achieve a natural look. This is achieved by carefully assessing each patient and avoiding over-treatment of the face.

What is anti-wrinkle treatment

Anti-wrinkle treatment is an effective way to reduce dynamic lines on different parts of the face by weakening the muscles in specific areas. Regular anti-wrinkle treatment can prevent formation of wrinkles in treated areas. We perform anti-wrinkle injections in the following areas:

1. Forehead Lines

2. Frown lines (glabellar)

3. Crows feet

4. Bunny lines

5. Brow lift

6. Bruxism/Tooth grinding - Masseter 

7. Facial slimming/jaw line

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately we are not permitted to mention brands here due to TGA rules.

We charge $4.50 per unit for Option D.

As a general guide the following is an estimate of cost per area. Males tend to require 1.5x more units than females. 

Area treated Estimated Cost

Forehead (frontalis).

We recommend treating frown lines at the same time to avoid heavy/flat brows

From $70 
Frown lines (glabellar) From $180 
Crows feet (obicularis oculi) From $180 
Gummy smile $150 (reduced if combined with other anti-wrinkle treatment)
Bunny lines - lines around nose (nasalis) $150 (reduced if combined with other anti-wrinkle treatment)
Bruxism (tooth grinding, clenching) - Masseter $550


A minimum fee of $150 is required for correction of anti-wrinkle treatment  done elsewhere even if only a small number of units are required.

Treatment of forehead, crows feet and frown lines would cost from $430. Please note that most patients will not require the higher doses. We will usually start low, especially for first time anti-wrinkle patients, and top up those who may need it after 2 weeks. This ensures we do not over treat and give an unnatural look and keeps prices reasonable for our patients.

When will I notice a difference and how long will it last?

The effect of injections usually becomes apparent after 3-7 days and peaks at 2 weeks. Most treatments last 3-4 months but this varies depending on the area treated. 

Before and after photos


Crows Feet


How do I book?

Dr Huseyin Ibrahim offers this service. Please book online (choose antiwrinkle treatment when booking) or call our clinic to make an appointment.